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Hunger Games Fics: A Hunger Games Fan Fic Community

Hunger Games Fics

Welcome to Hunger Games Fics, a Hunger Games Fanfiction community. If you're a writer, and you have some fanfics up your sleeve, post them here! Or, if you're just a reader, browse through fanfics here! So post your HG fanfiction, along with fic prompts, memes, beta requests, and so on! Have fun!

Guidlines for the community

1. Respect. Respect all members of the community. Do not bash/flame/disrespect any author. Constructive criticism is encourgaed, but when you begin to bash someone, that is not okay.
2. LJ cut. Post all fanfics behind an LJ cut.
3. Posting. When posting your fics, you must type this in your entry:
Subject: Write the title of your story in the subject.
Title: Title of your story
Author: Your LJ Username/your name
Rating: K (all ages), K+ (PG), T (teen), NC 17/M (for mature readers only)
Characters/Pairings: Tell which characters are in your story.
Category: The genre(s) of your story.
Summary: Describe your fic in a sentence or two. This does not mean, "I suck at summaries".
Warnings (if any): Please note if there are spoilers in your fic, offensive/mature themes, etc.
4. Hunger Games. This is a Hunger Games community, so keep all posts related to that.
5. Fanfiction. This is a comm dedicated only to Hunger Games fanfiction, so do not make a post regarding fanmixes, fanvids, fan art, book/movie news, et cetera.
If you have any more questions, please visit the page-a-mod.

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